How do I search for a specific individual?

Click on the members tab in the menu bar. Either type in the person’s name or do a specific title search. All results will appear upon submission.

How do I send a request for employment to someone I want to hire?

Click on the member’s profile or calendar. Select the dates that you are requesting and submit. They will get an email asking if they want to accept or decline your request. After the decision is made, you will then receive an email noting their response.

Can I upload my resume?

Yes. You are able to upload your resume, or when creating your profile, you can cut and paste your credits in the “about me” section.

How do I edit my contact info, my password, my profile picture, or my personal information?

Once you are logged in, click on “profile” and you will be directed to your profile. Click on “edit profile” on the right side of the page. You will then be prompted to make the adjustments.

Can I add more than one current location to my profile?

No you cannot. You can only set one current location at a time. If you can work as a local in multiple areas, include that information in your “about me.”

How can I control the privaCY settings of my profile?

Only post content that you don’t mind others seeing. Whatever information you decide to share (or not) on your profile page will not affect employers’ ability to contact you when you apply directly to a job that they have posted on the job board.

Will my profile show up in a google search?

Google (and other search engines) cannot see your contact information (even if you allow your email and phone number to be seen on your CY profile). We hide all of this information from search engines. A link to your profile page may show up in a google search, but your profile will not be viewable to the general public. (and remember that if you click on the that link in a search result, you’re seeing the profile page as a registered member, because you are logged in to CY.)

How do I delete my profile?

Please contact us and we will delete it immediately