After years in the industry, and applying for countless jobs online, I have decided to design a service that approaches staffing in a new and efficient way.

Daily, I am contacted by co-workers looking for skilled individuals to help staff positions.  The whole “word of mouth” and “it’s all about who you know” rings true constantly.  CY is a nation-wide database designed to provide an updated network of skilled individuals for all platforms of production.  Are you looking for a camera operator in New York?  How about a sound mixer in Chicago?  Need a pa in LA?  Simply log in and search our database for all your staffing requirements.

Each member has an availability calendar posted on their profile.  This feature helps expedite the hiring process by automatically being able to see when your potential employee is able to work.  Whether you need a day-player, weekly hire, or a long term staffer, simply submit your request and confirm their response.  The calendar also makes it easy for those who are currently employed to supplement their income by working a day or two on the weekend.

CY doesn’t stop at only housing skilled individuals.  Search our rated and recommended vendors to fulfill your needs.  See who your co-workers have employed: vendors ranging from rental houses, to caterers, to film friendly shoot locations.  These vendors have been rated and reviewed by your peers.

As we know, gear is “gold” in the entertainment industry.  CY has its very own gear shop where you can sell, search, and request specific items to complete your kit.  Showcase your own gadgets or sell your old gear: we will help make it happen!

Start a discussion, ask a question, post what’s on your mind.  Before you sign off, visit the CY “what’s hot” forum to check out what’s streaming in social media.